Wrap Around Case Cacker

Wrap Around Case Cacker

Wrap Around Case Packer


Cardboard packaging machine was put in the bottles on the board according to the cardboard crease automatic forming of packaging equipment, integrating opening box, packing, sealing, which integrates automatic carton packing equipment, occupy small l, high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, etc. Suitable for cardboard wrapping, which can effective reduce the cost of carton. Suitable for high speed packing production requirements, greatly improve the production yield. The machine adopts American brand of hot melt adhesive machine carton, spray glue exquisite packaging. The cartons are reusable, replacing the traditional tape sealing, energy saving and environmental protection.


Power220/380v, 50/60HZ, 10KW
Air pressure0.5-0.7MPA
Machine sizeL3000*W2000*H1800mm
Case sizeL200-500*W150-500*H100-350mm
Packing speed0-12cases/min
Touch screenSiemens
Optoelectronic switchP+F
Electrical magnetic valveAIRTAC
Pneumatic elementAIRTAC /SMC/ FESTO
Hot Melt systemNORDSON


This machine is used for the PET bottle, PP bottle, all kinds of special-shaped plastic bottles, etc