PTP1624P Pallet Wrapper With Top Press

PTP1624P Pallet Wrapper With Top Press


This stretch wrap machine is characterized by the addition of a top platen device, in order to stabilize the lighter or easily stuttered pallets during the wrapping process due to the pulling of the film. Thereby ensuring the quality of the packaging.

After loading the product, pressing the start button of top platen, it begins to descend, and it stops at its height after touching the top of the pallets.

In addition, this equipment is also widely used in the door and window packaging industry. This top press is further modified for door and window packaging. it is a fixture set according to the thickness of the door and window. For its details, please see the photo about the OPTION item below.


1 Controls

HMI Digital display

Photo-eye pallet height sensor

Reinforce wrap allow more wrap on same location

3-12RPM variable turntable speed by inverter

Cycle pause capability

2 Turntable

Go home position after wrap cycle finished

Soft start/soft stop

Heavy duty chain drive

3 Film carriage

Powered pre-stretch system up to 250% (1meter become 3.5meter) to min film consumption

Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film

Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor.

4 Top Press Platen

Equipped together with wrapper, for easy installation.

Auto stopping when the platen touches the top pallets.

Option. Top clamp fixture unit, special for door and windows wrapping.

PTP1624P Pallet Wrapper With Top Press


Max load size(mm)1200(L)X 1200(W)x2000mm
Turntable diameter1650mm
Turntable height78mm
Mast height2400mm
Turntable speed3-12rpm
Machine weight850 kg
Power supply220V, 50HZ, 1p
Weight Capacity2000kg
Top Pressure20kg