PTO2020 Fully auto turntable wrapper

PTO2020 Fully auto turntable wrapper



On the basis of the ordinary semi-automatic turntable wrapper, the  fully automatic turntable pallet wrapper adds conveying rollers and the automatic film clamp and cutting mechanism to realize integration with a fully automatic packaging line.

Compared with another automatic model Arm Wrapper PAO1820, it can achieve the input and output direction of 90 degrees. And it can be easily integrated with the palletizing robot arm.

In addition, its overall structure is small and the installation is simpler.


Film carriage

Powered pre-stretch system up to 1:3.5 to min film consumption(Pre-stretch ratio can be specially made )
Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film
Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor.
Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety.

Control system 

PLC control system
Cut film automatically after wrapping finished
Film tension control adjustable
Carriage up/down speed adjustable
Safety tower light alarm

Roller conveyor

Conveying speed: 12m/min
Height of conveying machine:500mm
Operated manually or automatically
Diameter of roller: Φ76mm
Distance between rollers: 119mm


Max load size(mm)1200 (L)×1000(W) ×2000(H)mm
Packing efficiency0-40 loads / hour
Turntable speed3-15rpm
Mast height3250mm
Turntable diameter1800mm
Height of turntable500mm Standard (to be determined)
Power supply2.0KW  380V 50HZ 3Phase 5wires
Max load capacity2000kgs

Option: Top Sheet Dispenser Model PXTO2020

Please click to watch the working video of Automatic Turntable wrapper PTO2020