PRA Paper Roll High Speed Film Wrapping Machine

PRA Paper Roll High Speed Film Wrapping Machine


This model of arm wrapper is specially designed for application in paper rolls wrapping.

It is normally selected by the paper mill that have high speed production efficiency lines. It could wrap max 80 rolls per hour working automatically on line.

√ 1 Control System


Touch screen allows operation easier.

Photo-eye pallet height sensor.

Reinforce wrap allow more wrap on same location.

Film Tension Control adjustment on the panel.

3-25RPM arm variable speed by inverter

Variable carriage up/down speed

Cycle pause capability.

Separate start, reset and emergency stop buttons.

Manual carriage up/down switch .

Flash light for machine in operation.

Rotary arm stop by safety bumper and reflection photo eye sensing and obstacle in the rotating area.

√ 2 Arm drive:

Slewing Bearing drive system.

Soft start /stop.

Position arm alignment.

√ 3 Film carriage

Powered pre-stretch system up to 200% (1meter to 3 meters)to min film consumption

(Pre-stretch ratio can be specially made according your requirements.)

Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor.

Film dancer-bar with variable speed output .

Rotating Power slip ring provide power required for carriage drive on rotary arm.


Wrap widthMax 2400mm
Wrap diameterMax 1800mm
Packing efficiencyMax 60rolls / hour
Power supply380VAC/3P  5Wire/50Hz
Arm speed3-25rpm
Max load capacity2000kg