PR2000B Paper ReelRoll Wrapping Machine

PR2000B Paper ReelRoll Wrapping Machine


√ 1 Control system

PLC control system with HMI for easy operating.

Wrap times can be preset.

Film tension control adjustable on the panel.

Cycle pause capacity..

3--12 RPM variable turntable speed by frequency changer.

Variable roll speed by inverter.

√ 2 Turntable

With slew bearing

Go home position after wrapping cycle finished.

Soft start/stop.

Heavy duty chain drive.

√ 3 Film carriage

Powered pre-stretch system up to 300% to min film consumption.

Film delivery variable speed by separate AC drive motor.


Wrap diameter600-1500 mm
Wrap width500-1600 mm
Roll weightMax 2000kgs (Standard)
Packing efficiency20-30 rolls/h
T/T diameter2000mm
T/T speed3-12rmp
T/T height380V 50HZ 3P
Machine weight1180kgs