PHL Horizontal Stretch Film Wrapper

PHL Horizontal Stretch Film Wrapper


Rotating speed22 revolution/ min
Wrapping filmLLDPE
Roller diameter76.2mm
Power supply380V/50HZ,3P
Internal diameter of ring1400mm
Wrapping speed16m/min(max)
Motor power1.1kw


√ 1 Main Machine

This machine is used to wrap the film on the panel to keep from the damage and dust. It helps to save wrapping material and reduce the labor force, as well get a good wrapping effectiveness.

With film head driving with speed adjustable, 80 revolutions/min (max)

√ 2 Air top plate unit

Pneumatic drive (two sets in in/out conveying position)

With roller to press and keep the product movable

√ 3 Film head

Mechanical stretching Option, Power stretched

Wrap all the position including the top and end.

√ 4 Automatic film cut& clamp unit

After wrapping, the film clamp unit will grab the film.

Film will be cut by the knife powered by the pneumatic.


Long timber panel or wood panel film wrapping

Plaster board

Door and windows