PCE-18 Vertical Carton Case Forming Erecting Machine

PCE-18 Vertical Carton Case Forming Erecting Machine


1 Vertical storage, cartons can be added at any time without stopping the machine;

2 Suitable for forming and sealing cartons of the same size.

3 Manually adjust to change the carton sizes(finishing in 2-3minutes);

4 Case erector adopt Advanced photo eye induction control system

5 Rationally designed, the forming, folding and sealing process are accomplished simultaneously;

6 Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter

PCE-18 Vertical Carton Case Forming Erecting Machine


Production speed18ctns/min
Power supply110V/220V, 1∮, 50-60HZ  200W
Carton size(mm)L250-450xW150-400xH100-400
Air compressing6kg/cm³
Air comsumption450NL/MIN
Machine dimensionL2000xW1900xH1450mm
Machine weight450KG
Adhesive tape width48/60/75MM


PCE-18 is a carton forming and bottom sealing packing machine which control by PLC and operate from HIMI system. Machine can do 18 carton forming and tapping in every min. very efficiency and convenient. Carton board can be loaded without stopping the machine

It is used for automatically erect types of carton box in packaging line