PB 600 Carton Box Wrapping Machine

PB 600 Carton Box Wrapping Machine


This mini stretch wrapping machine is specially designed for packing small& medium sized object packed in carton box or directly placed on the turntable without pallet. This machine is widely suitable for goods with light weight that can be manually loaded& unloaded from the machine.


√ Controls

PLC control wrap process.

0-3 top(bottom)&up-down wrap times choose.

Cycle pause capability.

3-20RPM adjustable by frequency changer.

Pneumatic top plate.

√ Film carriage

Film carriage can up-down to suit different height product;

Power pre-stretch 250%.

Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor.


Wrap Size300-650mm(L)X300-600mm(W)X300-600mm(H)
Weight CapacityMax 100kg
Wrapping speedMax 40 unit packs per hour
Power Supply 220V/50Hz/1 Phase
Machine weight220kg