P-6030AF+P-26060E fully-closed horizontal double side sealer & shrink tunnel

P-6030AF+P-26060E fully-closed horizontal double side sealer & shrink tunnel


1 Continuous sealing & cutting and no limits of the item length make it particularly suitable for longer, wider and heavy products’ fully-closed packaging with PE film, such as doors, furniture, ladders, mattresses and other heavy and oversized objects;

2 The waste film can be winded automatically for easily clean-up;

3 Side sealing lines can be adjusted to the desired position which based on the product’s height in order to achieve excellent sealing strength results;

4 For 0.04 ~ 0.18mm thickness PE shrink film;

5 Input & output conveyors and colored film positioning function can be added as per customer demand;

6 Humanized touch smart operation interface is convenient for the operator to use;

7 Siemens PLC program controller achieves the integration of mechanism, electricity and pneumatic;

8Assorted shrink tunnel P-26060E uses imported double air circulation motors, so that the hot air in the oven can spread more evenly to get a good shrink effect;

9PE high strength film is suitable for long distance transportation and frequent handling that can avoid damage and keep away from moisture.

Fully-closed Horizontal Double Side Sealer & Shrink Tunnel


Power supplyAC 380/220V 3PH 50/60HzAC 380/220V 3PH 50/60Hz
Max. Packing Size L×W×HL(unlimited) 300mm≤W+H≤2800mm,
; H≤500mm
Tunnel Size  L×W×H/7000×2600×600mm
Horizontal Blade Length3000mm/
Air Temperature300℃300℃
Table Height825±25mm825±25mm
Packing Speed15m/min.0~18m/min.
Extra Air Source6-8kg/cm2/
Shrink  FilmPEPE
Machine Size L×W×H2300×3650×2200mm9000×3000×2200mm
Packing Size L×W×H2405×3700×2300mm5050×3050×2300mm
G./N. Weight2100/2000kgs3200/3100kgs


Window and doors shrink film wrapping, wooden plate