P-20LG+P-4525 semi auto sealing and shrinking machine

P-20LG+P-4525 semi auto sealing and shrinking machine


1 This machine is made of shrink tunnel and sealing machine. Adopt L bar sealing, then automatically transit to the shrink chamber and finish the shrinking;

2 Anti-stick high-temperature alloys L type sealing knife which can seal neatly, without cracking, coking and smoking; The sealing blade with Teflon non-stick coating layer makeshift non-sticking.

It is easy to adjust the conveyor height by the hand wheel;

3 Control the sealing time by time relay;

4 Sliding bracket can be placed all kinds of shrink film, while the punching device is smooth;

5 The whole sealing function is automatically completed by cylinder which decreases labor intensity and increases working efficiency;

6Sealing knife with automatic anti mistakenly cutting and anti-overheating protection device effectively protect the operator away from accidental cutting;

With emergency stop device in case of emergency situations can immediately stop the machine running;

7Suitable for PVC, POF, PET film sealing wrapping.


Power SupplyAC220V 1/3PH 50/60HzAC220/380V 3PH 50/60Hz
Max. Packing Size L×W×HL+H≤530mm W+H≤430mm
Tunnel Size L×W×H 1000×450×250mm
Table Height750±50mm850±50mm
Packing Speed0-15m/min.0-10m/min
Max. Loading Weight25kgs25kgs
Machine Size L×W×H1730×790×980mm1300×800×1520mm
Package Size L×W×H1780×840×1130mm1350×850×1670mm
G./N. Weight155/125kgs270/240kgs


Cosmetic wrapping, book printing company, food and so on