heavy duty slat chain conveyor

heavy duty slat chain conveyor


1 High conveying efficiency The material flows in the groove of the chain conveyor, so that a small space can transport a large amount of material, and the outer dimensions of the equipment are correspondingly small.

2 The machine can be driven by the frictional force in the material, and the conveyor chain and the casing have no friction movement. Under the condition of equal delivery volume and long conveying distance, the power consumption of the machine is about 40% lower than that of the screw conveyor.

3 Low failure rate The rollers on the conveyor chain roll on the guide rails without friction between the conveyor chain and the casing. The chain is made of alloy steel heat treatment, its normal service life is about 3 years, and the failure rate is low during operation. There is no lubrication point in the conveyor except for the head and tail bearings.


Conveyor width50-1200mm,To Be Determined
Conveyor height50-1200mm,To Be Determined
Conveyor length800-20000mm To Be Determined
Plate chain materialCarbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Speed0.5-15m/min fixed or VFD controlled
Power supply220V 1P 50Hz/ 380V 3P 50 HZ


Transporting of Pallets or Standing Paper Rolls