gravity roller conveyor

gravity roller conveyor


Individual modules can be easily combined, in some cases many modules (curved and straight conveyor sections) can be driven from one drive unit. Simple installation of modules on site. Simple installation of sensors and control peripherals in profile T grooves. Round belt drive on straight modules and bend modules.

1) Product flow is dependent on pushing or on gravity of product at a certain incline angle.
2) Economic and practical, as well as high in performance-price ratio.
3) Modularized design and easy assembling.
4) moving roller conveyor ,Height of support leg is adjustable, with wide application.
5) Surfaces are treated by electrostatic spray, and appearance is beautiful.


Roller diameter50mm, 60mm, 63.5mm, 76mm, 89mm etc
Length of conveyorTo Be Determined
Frame width300400500600700(mm)
Width suitable for packing box≤250350450550650(mm)
Roller materialsteel
Mounting method of rollerSpring press-in type
Roller pitch75mm, 100mm, 150mm
Load per roller40kg
Conveying capacity200kg/m
ColorBlue, gray, green