Baggage wrapping machine PLH

Baggage wrapping machine PLH


Airport luggage wrapping machine is widely used to secure wrapped luggage from opening, pilferage, tampering, damage in transport.

Especially baggage wrapping in airports, sea-ports, bus, and train terminals add to security, removing possibility of placing in the packages any contraband, dangerous materials, drugs or explosive.

Stretch wrapping machines, using transparent stretch film allow easy verification of the content packaged on pallets and identification of baggage at the destination.

Size of the luggage to be wrapped

Max luggage size

(180-350)Wx(400-800)Lx(300-1000) H

Max weigh 100kgs

Power pre-stretch film carriage, stretch ratio up to 200%

Film tension adjustable

Machine Specification

Turntable rotation speed:3-20 rpm adjustable

Power supply voltage220 Volt 1 Ph - 50 Hz

Power 0.75Kw

Packing efficiency 20-50 pieces/hour

Internal diameter (d):76 mm

Film roll height (h):500 mm

Film thickness:  17-35 µm