Automatic Layer Palletizer and Depalletizer

Automatic Layer Palletizer and Depalletizer


The equipment is placed in the pallet stacking area. After the conditions and requirements are met after the start-up, the conveyor sends the heavy pallets to the  the outlet, then automatically infeed the empty pallets, and then automatically arrange the packages as required patterns. After the automatic sorting, the automatic equipment stacked on the specified tray is layered as required. Improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce human resources, and achieve mechanical automation. It is possible to refine, digitally manage, reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Speed 25-40 packages/hour
PatternTo be determined
Pallet size L1200×W1200×H150(to be determined
Air 0.5-0.7Mpa 
Air consumption 40m3/hour
Power supply AC380V50Hz   9kw 


Fully automatic low level layer palletizing machine for beverage, dairy, condiment, pharmaceutical, food, alcohol and other enterprises.