Airport luggage wrapping machine PL

Airport luggage wrapping machine PL


The baggage wrapping machine PL-01  is specially designed for application of wrapping luggage in the airport, hotel and so on, the wrapping could protect the baggage well from dust, moisture and damages.

It is easy to operate. In the working process, the operator places the baggage on the turntable, and adjusts the vertical bar according to the size of the baggage to keep it stable. Then the operator presses the start button on the operation panel, and the device automatically packs it. Generally, the luggage bag can be 3~5 layers! When the packaging is completed, the operator manually cuts the film and then removes the baggage!

This machine can be customized according to customer requirements for battery type passive baggage baler.


Operator Friendly HMI display, the wrapping parameters could be set through this display, meeting different wrapping requirements by the passengers.

Powered pre-stretch film carriage up to 250% to min film consumption

Operator adjusts vertical rods to secure bag

Film tension control adjustment on the panel

Turntable rotating speed is 23 rpm

Machine easy to be moved by one person

More details:

Film stretching unit and film rolls magazine


Shape dimension650mm*1570mm*1200mm
Max load size180-350mm*400-800mm*300-500mm
Power supply 220v/50Hz/1phase
Weight capacity100kgs
Stretch film width 500mm
Machine weight200kgs